Oldenburg named Student Pubs assistant director

I’m pleased to announce that Sam Oldenburg will become assistant director of WKU Student Publications, effective Nov. 1, with oversight of the revenue-producing areas of our operation.

Sam, a Student Pubs alumnus who joined us in 2017 as adviser to Talisman, was deeply involved in the successful 2018 launch of Cherry Creative, our branded content studio, a move that placed him in a key role helping transform our financial picture. He will continue advising both of these student-led areas.

In his role as assistant director, Sam also will work directly with Wes Orange, our Student Publications Advertising adviser and sales manager, ensuring that the sales, creative and client-relations areas are in sync and working toward the common goal of creating real-world opportunities for our students while generating revenue to support our overall operations. Sam also will be involved in strategic planning, promoting student success, implementing initiatives and effective use of assets throughout the operation.

During his time at Student Publications, Sam consistently has stepped up to tackle tasks and projects that benefit all areas of Student Pubs, going well beyond the duties in his job description as adviser to Talisman and Cherry Creative. From organizing classroom visits and preparing presentations, to hauling in and repairing broken kiosks, to ensuring we’re part of events such as Head to the Hill and the Topper Orientation Program, Sam has shown exceptional initiative and leadership. Sam was named an Honor Roll Adviser in 2021 by the College Media Association.

Sam graduated from WKU in May 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in photojournalism and then worked for the Catholic Courier in Rochester, New York, before returning to WKU in 2015 as technology and communications coordinator at The Center for Gifted Studies. Since joining the Student Publications professional staff, Sam has taken on several side jobs – teaching classes in the School of Media, coordinating its high school programs and serving as the faculty fellow for the school’s living learning community for first-year students. Sam earned his master’s degree in student affairs from WKU in May 2022.

I’m glad we’re able to recognize Sam’s excellent work with this promotion. Feel free to share this news, and please join me in congratulating Sam on his new role.