Thank you for sharing a video testimonial about your experience with the College Heights Herald, Talisman, Cherry Creative or Student Publications Advertising staff.

In your video, please describe how your experience on staff impacted your future and share why you feel WKU Student Publications is worth supporting.

We’ve compiled a few tips to help you capture the best video with your smartphone camera.

Steady the camera

Rather than holding the phone in your hand or having someone else hold it and record you, set the phone where it can stay steady, without any camera movement. A table, chair or countertop, combined with a stack of books or another sturdy item, can serve as a makeshift tripod.

Position the camera horizontally

Please set up your phone so that it will shoot a horizontal video, not a vertical video. This will make it more seamless to edit several of the videos together and also ensure the video looks good on all platforms.

Listen for noise

Record your video inside in a quiet area to avoid distracting background noises. Make sure you’re sitting within a few feet of your phone and speaking loudly and clearly — phone cameras record audio best at short distances.

Watch for the light

Position yourself in a place where you’ll have nice, even light on your face. A window or a lamp could provide flattering light. Be sure the light isn’t coming from behind you, as back light will throw off the exposure on your phone’s camera and make it difficult to see your face.

Keep it short

We’ll be sharing these videos on social media, where we all know short attention spans are common. Keep your message short — 60 seconds at most, but even shorter is fine too. We’ll be sharing multiple videos from a variety of alumni, so it’s OK if you don’t touch on every benefit of Student Publications in your video.

Identify yourself

At the beginning of the video, please say and then spell your first and last name, and also mention what year you graduated. We will edit this out of the video before it’s posted, but having it with the video will help ensure we have the correct information when we identify you with a banner in the lower third of the video.

Read more tips for at-home video from cinematographer Bob Sacha.

Please submit your video using the Dropbox link below. If you access this page from your phone, you can upload the video directly from your photo library without transferring it to a computer first.