The Adams-Whitaker Student Publications Center opened in 2008, thanks to the donations of alumni and friends.


The Student Publications Endowed Fund supports the general operations of WKU Student Publications and its four student-led divisions — the College Heights Herald, the Talisman, Student Publications Advertising and Cherry Creative.


Our effort focuses on having $3 million committed or donated to the Student Publications Endowed Fund by 2024-25, which represents the centennials of our flagship publications — Talisman in 1924 and the College Heights Herald in 1925.


• The Student Publications Endowed Fund is held in the WKU Foundation and can be used only for WKU Student Publications. It cannot be appropriated for other purposes.
• As an endowed fund, only the earnings from investing the amount donated are available for use, and the principal amount is held in trust. Under current spending policies, funds generate between 3% and 4% per year available to spend.
• The fund will begin to produce proceeds once $10,000 is in the fund, not counting future gifts or pledges.
• Spendable funds are available to the Director of Student Publications, who consults with the Student Publications Advisory Board on the use of those funds.
• The intention is to reinvest all annual proceeds in the fund until the fund reaches $1 million.
• Upon reaching $3 million, the fund will generate at least $90,000 per year in annual proceeds, which will be used to benefit the students working at WKU Student Publications.

Once the fund reaches $1 million, annual proceeds will be used to meet needs that benefit the students, including:
•• Technology, hardware and software.
•• Multimedia equipment.
•• Training.
•• Vehicle costs.
•• Publication operating costs not otherwise covered.
•• Stipends paid directly to students.


• A gift outright of cash in a one-time payment.
• A pledge of a certain amount paid in weekly, monthly or quarterly installments over a specified period of up to five years.
• Assignment of real property to be converted to cash.
• Assignment of stock to be converted to cash.
• A provision for a certain amount or a percentage of your estate through your will or trust or by beneficiary designation for a retirement plan or life insurance policy.


Or reach out to Chuck Clark, director, at 270-745-4206, 270-996-7077 or [email protected]