A letter from Ron DeMarse, director of WKU School of Media

Hello, friends and alumni of the WKU School of Media.

As the new Director of the School – after a two-year interim appointment – one of my top priorities will be re-establishing contact with our alumni and strengthening the relationship we have with all of you. I’m eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions, and we’ll find ways to be in touch throughout this first year. But right out of the gate, I’m eager to hear from you about a pressing issue in our School and College:

The new dean of Potter College, Dr. Terrance Brown, is considering merging the Department of Communication into our School of Media. As most of you will recall, our Advertising and Public Relations programs were moved to Comm several years ago, where they now reside with Communication Studies and Corporate & Organizational Communication. A working group is being formed now to explore the possibility, and both units will have an opportunity to vote on the matter early in the Fall. I asked the dean to include alumni representation in this group, and he has agreed to one or two representatives (to be decided at a preliminary meeting sometime this month).

This note is a request for your assistance in three unique ways:

  • First, I’d love for this to start a conversation among our alumni of the potential benefits and drawbacks of such a merger. I’ve been here long enough to know that candid feedback has always been your strength, even in times when we failed to heed it.
  • Second, if you’re willing to serve on the working group (with meetings conducted via Zoom), or if you’d like to nominate someone for such service, I’m happy to bring those names to the dean.
  • And finally – even if you’re not interested in a committee appointment or a public debate – I’d still love to hear from you about this. If you have strong feelings either way, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with me.

Our School has the impressive legacy that it does because of you. Thanks for continuing to care about her future.


[email protected]

Ron DeMarse | Director

School of Media | Western Kentucky University