Your support has never been more important

Giving Tuesday is Nov. 29.

Financial support from the alumni and friends of WKU Student Publications allows us to afford crucial training in critical skills and to buy essential equipment and software that give our students the best possible experience as they prepare for their future — and for the future of journalism. 

You are our superpower.

Your support helps us ensure that our students on the Talisman, the College Heights Herald, Student Publications Advertising and Cherry Creative staffs get the kind of experience that helps them successfully launch their careers.

The days when advertising dollars and our university budgets provided everything our students needed are long gone. Today, training and professional development opportunities are essential to our students’ success but come at a cost that outstrips traditional sources of funding.

The generosity of our alumni and friends, however, lets us build a robust training program, place students in professional settings for summer fellowships and have equipment that works. Those are the kinds of things that your money — every dollar you give — allows us to offer our students.

We could not do this without you.

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Supports the general operations of WKU Student Publications, including training, equipment and other needs.
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Supports internship experiences in professional organizations to jump-start the careers of promising students.
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A long-term effort to create an endowment of at least $3 million donated or pledged by 2024-25, the centennial of WKU’s student-led media.
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Get in touch with Chuck Clark to discuss other ways to support WKU Student Publications, such as scholarships, estate plans or special-purpose funds for specific needs.