For our students, it’s about The Experience

Ask any student what they get out of working for student publications and they’ll bluntly tell you the truth.

“I hope honestly it’s going to get me a job. I think it’s given me the confidence I need and the real world experience I need to be ready for the real world. It’s a job before a job,” says Kyle Williams, a graduating senior in news and editorial journalism.

Not only will students tell you they hope to gain experience that makes them employable but they’ll tell you just how hard it is.

“Stress, gray hairs, nightmares; all of that and a big time commitment but that pales in comparison to the connection and bond you make with your staff,” says Cameron Love.

Welcome to the tough, loving world of Student Publications. The work done by students isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s tough, sometimes thankless, and not always pretty, yet the rewards are of much more valuable than anybody can imagine.

With that we present to you The Experience. A way to give back to the students of Student Publications, and a way to ensure the future of storytelling for many of the graduates of Western Kentucky University.