Prayers for Mr. A

UPDATE 8-18-2023

GOOD NEWS! Mr. A has been discharged from the hospital after suffering a heart attack on Monday. Wow, talk about the power of so many people praying and sending good wishes. Said Sandy: “He looks better in a St. Louis Cardinals shirt than the hospital garb!”

UPDATE 8-17-2023

It sounds like Mr. A had a very good day on Thursday!
Sandy reports that he is talking and doing physical therapy and moving closer to being able to come home. “Bob is doing great,” she said. He told Sandy that the prayers and good sentiments for his well-being were overwhelming and that it “warms my damaged heart.”❤️
Keep those prayers and good vibes going for getting Mr. A out of the hospital and back home to BG!

UPDATE 8-16-2023

Sandy reports that Mr. A is progressing well and is alert and breathing on his own, so that’s good news.
She and Mr. A appreciate the continued prayers being sent their way. They both are grateful for the responses to Tuesday evening’s post about his situation.
Several of you have asked about the hospital Mr. A is in. He’d rather not say, he told Sandy, because he doesn’t plan to be there too long.
As Sandy said, “Now that is positivity.“
Let’s keep sending those prayers and good vibes for Mr. A and Sandy. I’ll continue to post updates to the Contact Sheet group.




We thought you’d want to know that Mr. A had a heart attack Monday evening while visiting Branson, Missouri, and is in the hospital there. Sandy Adams said “signs are good so far,” and asks for prayers for a complete recovery.

I will pass along more information here as I get it, but let’s send up some strong prayers and positive energy for Mr. A and Sandy.